Knowing CCRIS better

When a person is applying for the loan or funds, the request is processed based on a number of factors including the credit history. If you are applying for loan you may need to know your credit standings. You can easily get that information from CCRIS. The job of CCRIS check is to simply collect the credit related information on the applicant or borrower from different banks and financial institutions. The collected information is then provided to the applicant or borrower. CCRIS is indeed a source of information for the banks and other financial institutions that can keep an eye on the credit history of the existing as well as the potential borrowers. However, one should know that CCRIS is not a blacklist as many believe. It is simply a source of information and the financial institutions may or may not deny the loan based on the information provided by it.




CCRIS is owned by Bank Negara Malaysia. One of the main objectives of this bank is to keep the finances of the country stable. The bank achieves that by supervising and regulating the financial outfits. The credit policies have been carefully designed by this Bank for the other financial institutions. The Bank also encourages the use of best policies to manage the credit risks. With the help of the information provided by CCRIS, the financial institutions and banks are able to make an educated decision regarding money lending. It also makes their process quite effective and efficient.



Bank Negara Malaysia is also called the Central Bank of Malaysia and it started its operations in 1959. The Central Bank of Malaysia Act of 2009 governs the Bank Negara Malaysia. The primary objective of the bank is to ensure financial and monetary stability throughout the country. The bank has remained supportive of growth at all times.

It is also currently being widely used by PTPTN to highlight those who default in the repayment of the education loan given by PTPTN. This will have impact on applicants who might apply for mortgage loan and loan for property in future, as credit checking is a compulsory step in granting of these loan.

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